Amazing Cognizens and how to make them.

Our platform let you design a Basic Human, who can drive a conversation with intention, personality and empathy.
Who is it for?
Digital Health
Use our conversational AI for expressing empathy and help your clients.
Make historical characters come to alive by letting your visitors talk with them.
Make non-playing characters really convincing and immerse users into stories and human drama.
Give students a digital EQ-companion, or let them interact with virtual scientists and teachers.
Personal Messaging
Scale up your personal messaging, clone yourself and talk with thousands of people at the same time.
Fancy AI-stuff
Take deep fakes and deep learning to the next level using a designed dialog.
Scale up qualitative interviews, the holy grail in much research.
Robots and Tech Pets
Toys, Home Robots, and Tech Pets - give them personality and enjoyable conversations.
Give your car's interface a personality. Or tell your massage chair how you got your back pain.
Medtech Pitch
This is our pitch for the Medtech market
Wired in.
We’re in the middle of an intense development. Please stay tuned, great things will happen here soon.